Living With Guinea Pigs

Guinea pigs make endearing and wonderful companinions. But while small, they are certainly not starter pets–really, no pet is! Guinea pigs can live to be 7+ years old, the decision to add one to your family shouldn't be taken lightly. , so the decision to bring one into your home must be made carefully.

Guinea pig eating a cucumber


A proper diet is the cornerstone to the health of your guinea pig! Their diet consists of unlimited grass hay, high quality pelleted food and fresh Vitamin C-rich vegetables.

Guinea pig smiling in his cage


Select a large, smooth bottomed cage. We recommend a C&C cage or a Midwest Guinea Habitat. A small covered house or box inside the cage with multiple entrances will provide a sense of protection and a place to sleep. If separation from other household pets is not an issue, an open-topped enclosure may allow you to interact with and pet your guinea pig more easily.

Guinea pig at the vet in Grand Rapids


Keeping your guinea pig healthy requires the care of an exotic, guinea pig-savvy vet. Monitor your guinea pig for unusual behavior or changes in weight. These are typically the first indications of illness.