West Michigan Critter Haven is a licensed chapter of the House Rabbit Society. Since 2009, we have led the effort to improve the lives of rabbits, small animals, and exotic pets in West Michigan.

Our Mission

Educate. Rescue. Support.

West Michigan Critter Haven is dedicated to improving the lives of small domesticated animals such as rabbits, guinea pigs, small lizards, birds and rodents in our community. Our mission is to rescue domestic rabbits and other small animals within our community and find them new homes, support our local shelters in the care of their rabbits, educate the community on the proper and responsible care of small companion animals and ultimately reduce the number of abandoned and neglected pets relinquished in West Michigan. 


West Michigan Critter Haven is a volunteer-driven, nonprofit small animal welfare organization that does the following:

  • Promote rabbits and small animals as valuable individuals that are intelligent, indoor-only companions requiring high levels of care, socialization and specialized medical attention.

  • Rescue rabbits and other small animals via owner surrender and from local shelters.

  • Assist shelters by providing necessary support and resources to guide responsible, knowledgable care.

  • Partner with local shelters and humane societies to promote rabbits for adoption and to educate the community and responsible rabbit care.

  • Support the general community as a resource for general information and guidance, monthly educational events, and educational seminars to help them care for their pet companions

  • Provide referrals to exotic vets throughout Michigan.

  • Grow a "rabbit community" environment of social activities and volunteer opportunities for those interested in rabbits as indoor family companions.

“I was compelled by West Michigan Critter Haven’s mission after adopting from the rescue. Rabbits and other exotics are often improperly cared for, and many local rescues are not equipped to care for them. My favorite part of my work is getting to know adopters and placing foster animals in their forever homes. Nothing beats seeing an animal meet and fall in love with their forever family. It can be hard to see animals that have been neglected. But as a foster, it’s my duty to make sure they receive the proper care and love they deserve. Fostering an animal is basically like being a superhero. You’re saving each life you bring into your care.”
— Brittany S., Director