Rabbits, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, gerbils—oh my!

Commonly considered to be “pocket pets” or “starter pets”, these animals require just as much care, commitment and money as cats and dogs. At West Michigan Critter Haven, it’s not only our goal to rescue small exotics in need, it’s also our mission to educate the community on proper care of these animals to establish better standards of care, respect and reduce the number of abandoned and neglected pets relinquished each month.

West Michigan Critter Haven operates as a network of foster homes in the Greater Grand Rapids area. We have no main facility. This ensures that the animals relinquished into our care are able to thrive in a home setting with one-on-one care.

Appointments to visit pets in their foster homes are only made after completed adoption paperwork is received, reviewed by a director and a phone interview is conducted by an adoption counselor. We reserve the right to terminate the adoption process or refuse an adoption at any time. We reserve the right to remove a pet from an undesirable situation post-adoption throughout the pet's life.

West Michigan Critter Haven is a rescue dedicated to the specialized needs of the small animal. We strive to bring the highest quality care to all the pets placed into our rescue. Exotic pets such as rabbits, ferrets, birds, guinea pigs, small lizards, and rodents are cared for according to the most educated standards known. Indoor-only housing, fresh daily greens, daily safe playtime within pet-proofed rooms, safe litters and toys are provided. Each foster and adopter are thoroughly educated on the needs of that animal before a pet is placed into their care.

As educators we teach the community proper care of these pets in order to enrich the lives of current and future pets, to establish a respect for the animals and to help reduce the number of abandoned and neglected pets relinquished each month. It is our utmost priority to educate, promote and require alteration for every pet.